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*we do not accept submissions via the internet*

So you want to enter through the Collective's portal and be published too!

Well the bad news is you have to go past me.  Think of me as a bouncer on the door of a very select club, loads of people want to join, very few actually get the chance!

The good news is I'm a nice guy (honest) with a love of poetry and a belief in what we 'The Collective' wish to achieve.

Even better news is that we do not care about your race or religion.  Where you live in the world doesn't matter to us.  What you have to give to the world we share, rather than what you want to take from it, is of far greater importance.  It's the 'art' that matters not your sex or the colour of your skin.

The words you use is how we measure your soul, if it falls below the water mark then take it elsewhere.

Live long and prosper

but not at the expense of others

in-spite of the corporate world

we the people

 are not



What you need to consider

Please don’t forget that we are a voluntary organisation made up from working poets who have come together to support contemporary poetry, as such things take a little longer than usual and, if you apply and are successful, then we do expect our fellow poets to be pro-active in support of the ‘cause’. 

Due to the financial restraints that organisation like ours have to work within, decisions on who to publish are taken very carefully.

 We would be pleased to read your work if you think you have a collection that would suit us. Remember we receive many unsolicited manuscripts and these do take a long time to respond to.  The reason is quite simple, an organisation run totally on a voluntary basis can only ask members, not demand, that something be done within a certain timescale.  We also try to make ‘collective’ decisions, this unfortunately takes time.

Our editor who, as you can imagine, has a pretty big workload, will only consider 'collections' that  I think are ready for his attention.  Therefore be sure that you are familiar with our recent publications.  Satisfy yourself that we are an organisation whose standards you are happy with and who also publishes the type of work that you wish to present to the big wide world. 

You won’t have to buy our books, (though we would be delighted if you did) but you do need to get some to check out what we do. They should be available to you through your local library.  Let me know if you experience problems finding them.  If you're outside the UK then try the British Council or order direct from


You may consider that you wish your prospective publishers to be more ‘urgent’, rumour has it that one or two of these exist.  Unfortunately I think they’re all looking for the next Harry Potter and want nothing to do with poetry.

I’ve probably put this all rather bluntly, get used to it, I believe in being up front. 

Don't forget send an S.A.E. or you won't get a reply.

As for being more diplomatic - tough.

It is sad to say that only a small percentage of those that fail in an application to be published by us actually put their hands in their pockets and support us financially after being turned down. Nothing surprising there but why contact us if they don't support what we do? Perhaps this lack of compassion for the cause and commitment to it was reflected in their work. 

Enough said.