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One of the ways The Collective supports contemporary poetry is through publishing it.  

It does this without the normal confines that main stream commercial publishers have to consider, 

in other words, it publishes work purely on artistic merit and not based 

on a calculation of financial gain.  

This requires great commitment from both the organization and each writer concerned as new art 

takes time to find its audience.  Through the purchase of the books below you can help the movement

fund the next 'new work' and continue its task of promoting poetry.


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All trade orders should be placed through them.



for members of the public

welcome to our book shop


All books shown here are in stock and are listed in order of publication (most recent first). 

For 'collectors' out of stock books appear at the bottom of this page


To Order send a cheque made payable to ' The Collective '  (follow this link for the address)

Postage is free within the U.K. 

Overseas enquiries please e-mail first

for current delivery charges.  Thank you for your support.




*** New publications***




Joking Apart

author  Alicia Stubbersfield                         ISBN 1 899449 21 3       price 6.50                 



Sailor Boy

author  John Latham                                     ISBN 1 899449 16 7       price 6.50                 






private_people.JPG (5578 bytes)

Private People                                   isbn 1 899449 50 7        price 5.95       




sawn_grain.jpg (17857 bytes)

Of Sawn Grain                                    isbn 1 899449 35 3        price 5.00         




tilt.JPG (6067 bytes)

Tilt                                                        isbn 1 899449 30 2        price 5.95         




Individual Collections



           Clicking on books in this section takes you to a page dedicated to the individual poets.




author  Cliff Forshaw                          ISBN 1 899449 11 6       price 6.50                 



Cennau's Bell

author  Graham Hartill                         ISBN 1 899449 01 9       price 8.00                 



Naked Playing  the Cello

author  Jane Blank                          ISBN 1 899449 95 7       price 6.50                 



The Holding Grounds

author  Angela Morton                          isbn 1 899449 90 6       price 6.50                 



Carreg  Lascarreg las.jpg (30845 bytes)

author  John Jones                            isbn 1 899449 80 9       price 6.50                 



Voice from a Correspondentcorrespondent.jpg (5940 bytes)

author  Ric Hool                                 isbn 1 899449 80 9       price 6.50       



Unsuitable Shoes unsuitable shoes.jpg (9413 bytes)

author  Alicia Stubbersfield              isbn 1 899449 65 5       price 5.95      



The Bridge the bridge.jpg (6238 bytes)

author  Ric Hool                                 isbn 1 899449 70 1       price 5.95       



Singing to Seals 

author  David A Hill                            isbn 1 899449 55 8        price 5.95    



Making It making it.jpg (7052 bytes)

author  Ric Hool                                 isbn 1 899449 45 0       price 5.95            




Archive Collections


by Lesley Lambton

The Collective Press  isbn 1-8994-49 20 5    Lesley Lambton combines a quiet freshness with Tyneside grit, her word journeys filter silence through the hubbub of life.  there is a sensitivity here i thought was out of fashion and a strength of feeling to embarrass academia         John Jones


price 2.50



by Rachel Ballard

The Collective Press  isbn 1-8994-49 25 6    "The poems are a joy to read (with a bonus in her illustrations, my favourite blue meconopsis betonicifolia). But I shouldn't have been surprised; her poetry reflects the humanity and warmth that I first saw in her architecture."         Ken Livingstone


price 5.00




Archive Collections