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This 'What's On' page is here to let you know a little of 'what's current' with The Collective. 

Our Events Officer responsible for this is

Ric Hool

Mission Statement

If poetry remains relevant in modern cultures as a way of keeping in touch with the land that is trodden, then count me in.  If it's not, I'm still happy to write it and read it until that time might arrive.  If you are interested in inviting members of The Collective to read or take a workshop, please get in touch.  We hold poetry readings regularly and our imprint 'The Collective Press' is constantly looking for organisations and individuals for exchange / reciprocal venture. 

This is a world invitation.

*Breaking News*

Hear Cliff Forshaw read from his latest publication


At The Hen & Chicks, Flannel St.


Tuesday 15th November 8pm

same night same venue

The BBC Historian  & Archaeologist

Frank Olding will be reading Welsh poems with English translations

**breaking news**


*** Latest publication ***

ISBN 1 899449 11 6

By Cliff Forshaw

Cliff Forshaw's collection Trans culminates in a rewriting of the Metamorphoses – Ovid meets a gross-out freak circus to chat about everything from bodily modification to virtual survival: Lord Rochester’s monkey; Enigma’s horns; the Reincarnation of Saint Orlan; Kevin Cyborg; sex changes and do-it-yourself surgery.

It’s myth. It's life, but not as we know it, Jim.

Check out http://www.geocities.com/cliff_forshaw/ for more info


*** Latest publication ***


ISBN 1 899449 01 9


By Graham Hartill


"Poems that call for meditative reading, essentially spiritual modes of attention….the reader is invited to engage with the significance of cultural emblems and perceptions beyond familiar European norms. The poems contained in Cennau's Bell are especially relevant to the task of ' imagining Wales' as one of the world's most vibrant and deep-rooted cultures."       Anne Cluysenaar