a silent voice


A great many feel they need to tell me about the art of punctuation and grammar, I don’t know why, as a practising dyslexic open to years of abuse for my inability to see words and spell words ‘properly’ I’m no longer fucking interested. On the other hand, others just want to tell me how hard their life has been and show it in verse and I’m expected to care; the rub is I often do. Luckily most of the poems I receive fall into the latter but some are written by the full stop brigade for the sole purpose of being clever and part of being clever is to be published, it has nothing to do with art. Well fuck being published just for the sake of it, just so you can say “oh yes I’m published don’t you know” Get on with the art; think a bit deeper, produce books that have some vision some form of soul or at least try to. Publishing, if you’ve no greater reason for doing it than just ego, is a form of masturbation and nothing like the real thing.

A Silent Voice - some thoughts by John Jones

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