Blind Cwm

Poetry collection from John Jones

Publisher: the collective press
Available in: paperback
Chap Book order number: 3676


Sometime above the line
where the white boned heads
—————shoot and curl like arsenic
back high from the bracken sea
and the interspace of pathways
bubble bushes from the mound
——we find
—————the movement slowed
——————————to almost still
——————and sanity firm rooted
—————not like us as steel to bone
but as a skewer
struck through green



“These are a craftsman’s precisely realized observations, energized via post-modern or open field techniques, married to an innate probing, a modelling of image & action, of cause & effect: of intellect, of fixated soul. These poems accurately delineate light and day, depth and dark night. The worlds John Jones set in motion are truly visionary, uniquely rendered; a constant delight & discovery to read”.

Chris Torrance

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