Of Sawn Grain

Collection of work by the Collective Writers, edited by Anne Cluysenaar

Publisher: the collective press
Available in: paperback
ISBN: 1-899449-35-3

Extract From The Editor’s Foreword

If human beings have a sense of emerging futures, it resides in the whole body and mind, not (certainly not merely) in the cultural layers of our awareness. However modestly we may be prepared to think about our work, as writers or as anything else, we are always inevitably contributors to that process of cultural evolution on which – since we haven’t altered biologically since pre-history – the future of human society will largely depend. So imitation is never enough. Individual visions matter, not because these visions, collectively, are what society depends on to evolve. So I have chosen the title Of Sawn Grain to draw attention not only to the individual ‘grain’ of each writer’s work but also to the way the anthology as a whole may be viewed as a cut across the social grain ‘in this place at that time’.

[…] I hope that the variety of this anthology – the glorious lyrical flow, the humour, the asperity, cunning experimentation and well-used conventions, surprising imaginative leaps, even at times a certain pedestrian honesty – will be as great a pleasure to others as they have been to me. After many readings, I am still enjoying and discovering.

Anne Cluysenaar

Of Sawn Grain - the Collective Writers Anthology

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An excellent anthology from a working writers collective.

“This willingness to put quality before other consideration makes this collection well worth buying”.

Poetry Quarterly Review (Autumn 1998)

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