Private People

by supporters of The Collective and edited by John Jones

Publisher: the collective press
Available in: paperback
ISBN: 1-899449-50-7

Here is a diverse collection of poetry talent. From ranters to surrealists, academics to graffiti artists, some more in tune with the disaffected and the waste land than with those that haunt the bookshelf. It is here to make the question, “Do you like poetry?” as relevant as “Do you like music?” The answer would be “yes”, the only other question, “which type?”

For The Writers

Once we made our shapes on earth and rock, carved our names on trees. Now words, transformed to light, shiver through space in times beyond real meaning. Still we spray the rail-track wall and answer for the marks we leave. These marks, this physicality of thought, is part of our existence as we strive to explain this life and our place in it. As we exist so does the desire to understand these marks, and of equal importance, to help others make and understand theirs. We, the writers within this book, give our support to The Collective and to poetry. Within the project ‘Private People’ you have a chance to read our words and see our faces in them. This is our art, a life source, not as basic as breath but still; essential.

John Jones

Private People edited by John Jones

UK £10.00

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A Celebration

This book combines celebration and defiance. It celebrates the talent, commitment and sheer bloody mindedness of those who share the unfashionable ideals which are embodied in The Collective and who have contributed so generously to its work. It also glories in the poetic and artistic originality and diversity which, despite hard knocks and withering indifference, insists on pushing through cadarn goncrit Philistia (“the solid concrete of Philistia”) to bring life, colour and beauty (!) to an astonished, if not entirely grateful, world.

Frank Olding

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