If Art Is A Nation's Soul - some thoughts by John Jones

If art is a nation’s soul

In my work on the land I have seen many living things stunted and deformed from the harsh realities that exist there. Some of the survivors are tough, hard-nosed little bastards that I find I admire greatly.

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Space - some thoughts by John Jones


Space on a commercial bookshelf is mainly reserved for the dead or those that shag ducks or are peculiar in some other way, it also helps to live in London. This perhaps is not strictly true but it does appear to be thus at times for 'normal poets'.

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A Silent Voice - some thoughts by John Jones

a silent voice

A great many feel they need to tell me about the art of punctuation and grammar, I don't know why, as a practising dyslexic open to years of abuse for my inability to see words and spell words 'properly' I'm no longer fucking interested.

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